Our life before our Tesla

Prior to having our Tesla Model S, we were pretty much ignorant about electric cars. We didn’t have a local Tesla showroom, Nissan Leafs did not have enough range for what we wanted to do, so whenever we were shopping for a car, EVs were totally out of the question. This is what our garage looked like before we got our Tesla:


We had two Mercedes Benzes and a Prius. One Benz (2011 ML350) ran on diesel, one (2011 C300) ran on premium gas, and the Prius ran on regular gas. The Mercs were great cars… until something went wrong with them. Service and repair bills (ie DEF pump replacement $2k, regular services $400 each) started adding up, and with the amount of driving we did, (5000-6000 km/month), fuel costs were creeping into the $600/month range. Since I was a licensed Realtor and Dyan and I were both licensed insurance advisors, our extreme driving was unavoidable.

I always thought that a Tesla was expensive to own… until I realized that ICE (internal combustion engine) cars were extremely expensive to own and maintain.

2016 came, and the Tesla Store opened in Calgary, AB. We did a test drive in February that year and I got hooked, however our first attempt to finance a Tesla was unsuccessful (due to a couple missed $16 credit line payments… argh!). Fast forward to November, Tesla introduced their software-limited 60 and 60D Model S, at a price substantially lower than a 75D Model S. We requested an overnight test drive, and we once again attempted to apply for financing and this time around, we got approved!

Our garage with ‘Wall-E’, our overnight test drive car.

The Calgary Tesla store found us a nice, silver 60D from Montreal witha good price adjustment. The longest 3 weeks was the 3 weeks from the time we placed our order to the time we took delivery of our Tesla Model S.

First picture: December 9, 2016 .. Delivery date of our “Pikachu” at the Ogden Rail Yard in Calgary

I tracked the car everyday via its VIN# in the http://www.lhf.com site until one Friday, it said that it had arrived in the Calgary Ogden Rail Yard! Of course I could not wait a weekend! I immediately phoned our Tesla Delivery Specialist and they made arrangements for us to take delivery of our Model S in the rail yard. We did the paperwork in the Tesla store, without any pressure selling of protection packages and extended warranties-a breath of fresh air, and hopped in their service Model X P100D in order to head to the rail yard.

The car was snow-covered and cold, and the power was limited due to the frozen battery pack. We were allowed to charge “Pikachu” for a bit at the Chinook mall Tesla charging spot, and shortly after, I put the car to work, showing homes in -20C weather and topping up juice (I have not had the chance to do a “full” charge yet) at the local Ikea.

Photo taken by the first client serviced by Pikachu (Hamilet) while topping up our charge at the local Ikea.

Dyan was having some “buyers remorse” as the car was using a lot of its power and we had “range anxiety” on the very first day of ownership. I assured her that it was only for the first day, and after the car “thaws” in our insulated garage and gets an overnight charge, the car would be fine. From the first overnight charge onwards, the car was just a dream to own.

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