We are Ariell and Dyan ArEValo, and we started this blog to share our passion for Tesla and EVs to others, especially to people in Canada. We got our Tesla Model S on December 9, 2016 and since then we fell in love with the car and the whole EV (electric vehicle) lifestyle.

As of 2017, Canada is far behind from the rest of the world when it comes to EV adoption, education, and even awareness. I created my Youtube channel and my site to help spread awareness about EVs and that going all-electric is indeed a viable option for most people, including those who drive a lot like us.

Unlike other Tesla owners, we happen to live in a part of the world where EV adoption isn’t “mainstream” yet, unlike Norway, California, or other parts of Europe. We do not have many Tesla Superchargers and Destination Chargers could be “mildly” inconvenient. I found that there is a lack of resources for Canadian EV owners, or soon-to-be EV owners on the web, and I hope that my contribution is able to help more people make the shift from gas/diesel (in my case, both) to pure electricity.

Our YouTube channel and blog is full of content about Tesla and living with our EV. After 10 months and 53,000km (as of October 2017), the feeling of marvel has not worn off yet.

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